All Icendris services are available on an In-company basis. In this way your business focus is our business focus, ensuring that the flexible service we provide reflects both your current and future needs.


  • – TNA
  • – Evaluation methodologies
  • – Training budget optimisation
  • – Blended learning approaches
  • – Development programme advice

Icendris can work with you on a consultancy basis to determine a learning and development plan that links to your business strategy. With a focus on business outcomes, we identify and prioritise training needs, define measurable success criteria and design an evaluation process to ensure that the learning is effective and transferred to the workplace.


Working with your existing processes, whether using Appraisals, PDPs, 360° feedback or Competency Based methods, we are able to advise on the optimum approach to efficiently analyse your organisation's training needs.

Evaluation methodologies

By forward planning, simple evaluation methodologies are able to be applied to almost any training initiative to demonstrate the ROI (Return on Investment) and establish the effectiveness and value of the project.

Training budget optimisation

Experienced in the art of making your training budget work hard, we are able to advise on cost-effective initiatives and attractive value-for-money learning packages.

Blended learning approaches

Icendris is happy to adopt existing materials, approaches and media that are already available to your organisation, in order to link these with the training. In this way cost efficiencies may be realised and the use of existing resources encouraged. If complimentary resources are not available, we are able to advise on alternatives. Often the benefits of pre and post course resources will be dependent on the culture and expectations of your organisation.

Development programme advice

No matter who the target group or the current development priorities, Icendris is able to advise on various programmes of learning and development to meet your needs, including Management Development, Graduate Development and Competency Based programmes of development. Flexible modular programmes, blended learning, buddying, coaching and individual support are all options for you to consider.

Training Delivery

  • – Generic courses
  • – Tailored courses
  • – Course design
  • – Bite-size training sessions
  • – Guest speakers or event sessions
  • – Facilitated meetings
  • – Project Facilitation

Generic courses

Icendris has a wide and varied portfolio of tried and tested training courses. With only a brief introduction to your organisation, we are able to deliver effective training courses which meet their stated objectives, yet are flexible in approach for the benefit of the individuals attending.

Tailored courses

Particular concepts can sometimes be enhanced through the creation of certain case studies and support materials that are directly relevant to your business. The current issues facing your people - whether market-led, industry specific, internal systems or dynamics - can be built into the course, where individuals can experiment with newly acquired skills. Even without development time, Icendris is able to use its knowledge of your organisation to make minor adjustments and emphasise those areas which are most pertinent.

Course design

Icendris offers a course design service through the adaption of existing materials or the creation of new courses from scratch. This service is charged out as development time, whereby the client is able to take on the ownership rights for delivering the training themselves.

Bite Size training sessions

In response to the increasing time pressure that many of us face, Icendris provides fast-paced short training sessions, focusing on key topic areas. Up to three two-hour sessions can be run in a day. An extensive range of bite size sessions available for high impact and immediate results.

Bite Size - A fashionable format or valid learning? - The Icendris Difference

Several training providers now offer their own versions of 'Bite Size', short focused sessions. However at Icendris we believe that we have perfected the art, enabling a flexible opportunity for real learning. Our sessions are of a two hour duration: still short enough to enable manageable time-out from the business, yet long enough to cover any given topic in a deep and engaging way. With maximums of 15 participants, we conduct our Bite Size sessions as any other Icendris learning event; allowing for exploration, guidance, discussion, application and review. Contrary to many other providers, we do not employ trainers to deliver a product, but Consultants who draw upon their own business experience, credentials, expertise and facilitation skills, to work effectively and meaningfully with your people. In this way we are able to flex the sessions to focus on the application to the individual and your organisation, thereby addressing real issues as they arise and optimising the learning experience.

Guest speakers or event sessions

For those large corporate affairs where a break from the norm is a welcome relief. Hour long sessions through to half day events can be designed around your agenda.

Facilitated meetings

Consultants are available to facilitate high profile meetings or difficult situations that would benefit from an impartial and objective chair.

Project Facilitation

Help is at hand, when your people are:

  • Preparing for a major client meeting or presentation
  • Becoming bogged down and needing to be creative
  • Finding it difficult to work as a team
  • Struggling with a business process
  • Needing to plan a project
  • Too comfortable and are perhaps becoming complacent
  • Finding it hard to communicate / interact with the rest of the business
  • Struggling with the latest change initiative.

After initial discussions with the key sponsor(s) we will recommend a consultant who will work with the sponsor(s) and the team concerned. By focusing on the issues, challenging current thinking, processes and behaviours, facilitating and bringing in fresh ideas and new approaches, we can achieve significant and rapid improvements and results.

We may recommend one session or a series of sessions, together with other internal activities, in order to overcome the obstacles and achieve the desired outcomes.

A problem shared is not only halved, but often resolved! Talk to us to find out more.

Developmental Service

  • – Assessment & Development Centres
  • – Psychometric & diagnostic tools
  • – Leading edge techniques
  • – Executive coaching
  • – Individual support
  • – On the job coaching
  • – Surgeries
  • – Redundancy support

Icendris provides additional cost-effective solutions to meet developmental needs that require a different approach.

Assessment & Development Centres

Whether a more deterministic or developmental approach is required, Icendris is able to advise and deliver appropriate events or support your internal delivery team.Tools available include: psychometrics, aptitude and personality tests; and observational behavioural data based on individual and group exercises. Development centres enable any performance gaps to be identified, together with a recommended development plan.

Psychometric & diagnostic tools

Whether as part of a training course, to aid assessment or to assist career development plans, Icendris is able to provide a variety of psychometric and diagnostic tools, including:

  • MBTI (Myers Briggs)
  • TMS (Team Management Systems)
  • SDI (Strengths Deployment Inventory)
  • CPI (California Psychological Inventory)
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument SHL Level A & B
  • Firo-B SLII (Situational Leadership).

Leading edge techniques

If appropriate, advanced models and techniques can be used by our qualified consultants within training events or to support coaching sessions.These include; Emotional Intelligence, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Accelerated Learning, Visualisation, Symbols & Metaphors, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy.

Executive coaching

Increasingly, senior managers are hard pushed to dedicate any time to their own personal development. It may be that they have a particular skill requirement, such as preparing for a high profile presentation, meeting or negotiation. They may need to take a look at their future direction or that of the company, or perhaps they require personal coaching regarding their interaction with others.

Icendris offers high impact, time-efficient one-to-one coaching sessions, both face to face and over the telephone. An initial meeting between the consultant and manager is recommended to assure the right match.

Individual support

Similarly, other staff may benefit from some contact with the consultant after a training event. All consultants are available by telephone or email to provide advice and support, or more formal sessions can be arranged. A series of one-to-one coaching sessions for a day provide an alternative to a more traditional training event.

On the job coaching

Following a training event, or perhaps as an alternative, on the job coaching is available. We find this a particularly helpful option for addressing skill development areas such as personal organisation and time management.


Scheduled drop-in surgeries are another way of providing follow up support for your people. A combination of refresher inputs and individual follow up sessions provides a powerful aid to post course implementation. Useful reminders, reviews of action plans, successes and failures, together with extended inputs, enable them to continue their development through a structured and supported approach.

Redundancy support

In times of retrenchment, organisations are increasingly recognising their obligations to both the staff being made redundant and those remaining with the organisation. Individuals may require help to make the adjustment, adopt a positive outlook and plan for their futures. Icendris is able to offer support on either an individual or group basis, including practical help with interviewing skills and CV writing.

Training Support

  • – Developing your trainers
  • – Working with your other providers
  • – Supported hand over for large roll-outs
  • – Mentoring service for the L&D team

Icendris provides a flexible and appropriate service to meet your needs. Accordingly, we welcome opportunities to work with your own trainers or other providers in order to deliver on our promise.

Developing your trainers

One way of reducing your organisation’s dependence on third parties is to equip your own people to facilitate internal events or even deliver the training. Icendris is experienced in supporting organisations to do just this. From an initial skills assessment, a comprehensive train-the-trainer event is delivered and followed up with personal coaching or telephone support. Alternatively co-delivery, observation and on-the-job coaching can be undertaken in a phased handover approach.

Working with your other providers

For interlinked programmes of development you may wish to use different providers. In this event we are happy to work with these other providers to ensure that you receive a coordinated, complimentary and professional dove-tailed programme.

Supported hand over for large roll-outs

For large roll-out programmes, Icendris will work with you to develop your own trainers in order that they can successfully deliver the training on an ongoing basis.

Mentoring service for the L&D team

They say that a plumber always has a leaking tap! In the same way the L&D team may not receive the development that would benefit them. If your time and budget is limited, contact us to discuss how we might support your team, whether indirectly through our various consultancy services, or more directly through a mentoring service.