Step 1 – Getting to know you

Whether by telephone or from an initial meeting, our approach is to get to know your business in order to give us an appreciation of the:

  • Key business objectives that underpin any development needs
  • Organisational culture and values
  • Current issues facing your industry and business
  • Views of the various stakeholders
  • Priorities and constraints that exist.

Step 2 – Understanding the need

Having established the context, we are able to work with you to determine the development need; whether a training initiative, a consultancy assignment, or indeed an internal activity. We may challenge some of your assumptions and conclusions, bringing to bear our experience with other organisations and industries.

Step 3 – Proposing a solution

The Icendris team now consider the findings to recommend a solution. A comprehensive proposal is submitted for discussion and agreement is sought for the way forward. The Icendris proposal includes:

  • An overview of the current situation and need
  • Our recommended solution
  • A detailed outline of any proposed training
  • Our recommended specialist consultant (or team)
  • A suggested time-plan
  • Costings
  • Next steps.

Step 4 – Approval

Once an assignment has been agreed in principle, one of the following will take place:

  • The proposal is amended
  • Consultancy or development work is specified and signed off
  • A pilot event is run for evaluation and refinement
  • The assignment is approved and signed off.

Step 5 – Delivery

Icendris ensures that any assignment is conducted in a fully professional and timely manner. Administration and logistics are hassle-free.

Our expert consultant team deliver to the highest standards, achieving outstanding results for both the attending individuals and your organisation.

Step 6 – Review

Following any delivery or assignment, Icendris is keen to follow up and evaluate its success, enabling a process of continuous improvement to be adopted. Feedback sheets give us some indication, however, our preference is to conduct a more meaningful evaluation involving the stakeholders.

For larger, or rolling projects, regular review meetings are essential, ensuring that lessons are learnt and effectiveness is optimised.

Step 7 – Post implementation

Icendris works to maximise the effectiveness of any assignment and is able to advise on initiatives that enable a process of ongoing development for the individuals and the organisation. Post event support is also available through follow up events, facilitated reviews, surgeries or individual coaching.

Note: Icendris conducts Steps 1-3 without any charge. A full quote for the additional steps is submitted for approval and is dependent on the nature of the assignment.

Icendris aims to repeat this 7 step cycle for new initiatives as your organisation develops, all the while building on our knowledge of your organisation.